Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Eyes of Truth

Bit of a pity party last night. All is well, but the emotions of the times weighed down on me. Then my friend Sue, who often puts things in her blog that are exactly what I need to hear, said "The torment of having an autistic child is not knowing what he knows, so you don’t know what level to interact. And you don’t know what to hope for."

Which is where I've been with him. He's a very well behaved child but last night he went up in his room and sat in the dark for about half an hour, playing with his toys. He knows how to turn on the light. Then he's just sitting there, on the edge of his bed, feet in the headboard and you can't get him to tell you what's in that brain of his...he looks so lost and I can see he knows I know...it's in his eyes.

He has so many challenges and I feel guilty I cannot erase them.

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