Saturday, June 4, 2011

Doing My Thing

Today was my fourth reading at the Columbus Arts Festival. It went very well. A good crowd. The temperature very warm, with a slight breeze. The storms did not hit until later. I understand some of the artists had some work damaged or destroyed. Horrible. Hope they did not take too much of a loss.

I saw Sean FM taping a few poets, and Joe was kind enough to get a few snaps during my set. Thanks to my lovely wife for keeping an eye on the boy. Would have been too hot for all three of us to handle the conditions.

Some of it may show up on Youtube in the coming weeks. Who knows?

Here's the set:

The Amnesiac Soothsayer
David's Rock
A Writer's Dream
The Boy Who is Not Still
The Revolution was not in the Program Guide (Apologies to Gil Scott-Heron)
Outside of Ulrich's in the Glow of the Pilsner Urquell Sign
If You Can't Say it in Three Minutes, You're Doing it Wrong

Hung out a little bit afterwards to hear a couple of others sets; Dave Noble and Rachel Wiley in particular then had to get out of the heat.

Following work tomorrow I head up to Worthington for The Language of Art opening. That starts at 2:30, with the reading at 3:30.

A busy poetry month continues next weekend. Rustbelt is here. I'm on a team with Ellie White, Atticus Inch and Paula Lambert.

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