Thursday, June 16, 2011

Going to make a hit

After last night's auction for The Writers' Block Poetry Slam team ended, we came home with a pair of tickets to a Bowling Green football game and three hours of studio time with Sean FM.

Going to be recording some poems sometime in July. Do I go with older material, newer, the best I have? How long should the finished product be? It's not going to be an hour, that's for sure, probably closer to half an hour. Is that too little these days?

Just for giggles I looked at vinyl pressing. It would be cool to have it on a record, right?

The prices made me think otherwise. It was good to have that dream for two minutes though.

Looking forward to the studio time, and seeing what we come out of there with. Do I market it with a CD, a thumb drive, or digital download? Decisions.


last year's girl said...

I think the very nature of poetry calls for some form of physical product at the end of it. Vinyl would be amazing, it's a shame about the cost. How about a DIY hollowed-out chapbook with a pen drive inside?

Someone Said said...

Thank you for that suggestion Lis. Maybe a different hollowed out thrift store paperback, with the pen drive inside?

I'm still swirling the vinyl idea in my head, but the cost will end up with me not flush.