Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tires are important

With the central air in the house shot, has been for years, we've been making do in the heat with an air conditioner in the bedroom and a unit in the downstairs that has been on its last legs for too long. Bought a new a/c last week and it's lovely. A smart one so it does not work all the time. It has a remote that beeps loudly when you use it. Most important; it cools quite well.

Yesterday morning I dropped the car at the repair shop for what I hope to be the last major repair for awhile. New tires and a fixed wheel bearing make the car a lot quieter and safer, almost a joy to drive.

I noticed the lowered noise level right away, a bad bearing makes a lot of noise, and the lack of wobbling on the cloverleafs of the interstate entrances. It feels better. The only trouble in the foreseeable future are replacing a couple of rotors due to their age.

Speaking of cars and safety - if I ever drive the Subaru at a ridiculous rate of speed and burn myself to a crisp hitting a tree or an underpass, I give you, Roger Ebert and anyone else permission to call me a jackass. I do not want any internet drama after my demise.

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