Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Got a Poem out of it too

A bunch of ants have recently taken up residence in the house. I would not mind much, but they do not contribute to any upkeep and they did not listen when I asked them to leave.

Purchased a pack of these and set them out yesterday afternoon.

A couple of scouts came by and checked them out, then went back to the colony to tell their friends.

And they told two friends.

And they told two friends.

By early evening there was a cha-cha line of ants, all proceeding in the same line from the ceiling to the floor. Headed to the party under the living room table where there was only one thing being served - a mixture of sugar and boric acid.

Ants share food through the process of trophallaxis, they were head butting themselves on the walls, sharing the deadly bounty and taking it back to the nest. The boric acid slowly destroying their digestive systems.

This happened for hours. Traffic was so heavy my son noticed what was going on. He normally would not know if a bomb went off in the house. He followed the ants down the wall and to the other side of the ledge.

I also put a trap close to the opening, closer to the nest so the tired ants would not have to travel far to get their last meal. This trap ended up being filled with black ants and as of this morning was sucked completely dry.

As for the ants, this morning I just saw one.

One, out of the hundreds or thousands.

Not sure if I'm going to need any more bait, but I might pick some more up.

There's this anthill in my yard, you see.

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