Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Found the Wine

After work I headed up to Worthington to take part in the Language of Art opening reception. The High Road Gallery is in an old house and the exhibit was spread out over many small rooms. Finally found the artwork and was a bit surprised how big it was, about 30x36, I think. A large mosaic. Met the artist and she told me what some of the colors and sections meant. I asked how she completed the work. A lot of effort went into some long pieces of hand blown glass. Very impressive, and I think she got the poem too.

Later a large crowd of people, artists, poets and art lovers sat outside on a very steamy afternoon to watch the poets read their work. A very impressive reading of poets it was an honor to be a part of. This is my second year in this show, it was better than last year.

Thanks to Scott Woods, Ryan Orewiler, The German Village Art League, The High Road Gallery and anyone I'm forgetting for putting together a top notch exhibit and event.

And I finally got the board last year's poem was mounted on!

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