Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Vegetable I like

Gardening is completely new to me, and I believe, to my Scottish Wife. She's grown things from seeds before, not me. I kill colonies of Sea Monkeys. Pole beans though, are a childhood memory, one of the few good ones. Our neighbor grew them along the fence between our houses and what came though to our side we'd eat off the vine. Delicious!

I cleared out most of the space in the yard, she put the seeds down and the tepee trellises. I added the larger poles and the wood trellis. If all goes wrong, it's an experiment.

So we're watching the vine grow. I swear it grew about six inches yesterday. It's stretching from pole to pole. One vine was growing out behind the fence, on the ground. They're doing what they should, but it's hard to tame them!

Did some weeding around it, tried to put the vines where they're going up instead of across - we'll see what happens.

When do the beans start showing up?

Tried to upload a couple of pictures but the ones I took off the iPod, Blogger would not upload. First world problem.

I was able to upload the picture about seven hours after posting.

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