Saturday, August 27, 2011

But I will never lose my head tonight

The hurricane is headed up the East Coast. Like many, I have plenty of family and friends in Irene's path, including my parents. I spoke to my Mom yesterday, they're fine. She mentioned the long lines at the gas stations, that they had plenty of food. They're going to be fine, as long as no trees blow through their windows, but I worry. This is one of the frequent times I feel guilty being so far away.

My wife is going to see her Father for the first time in over two years this week. He and her Sister are even further away. It's hard to imagine what she has done for love, crazy! This week she filled out the paperwork to have her permanent resident status updated. Today I mailed that out. We're likely to hear back from Homeland Security soon, with a note that her status has been extended another year while they review the paperwork. Sometime after that, she'll find out she can stay another ten years.

We've been watching my son for about ten days straight. When he gets on the bus Monday morning, I will not see him until the next Thursday. While I'm away, he will turn nine. He's a great kid. Even greater once toilet trained. He's been listening to a song on my iPod all weekend, walking all around the first floor of the house, holding the iPod, taking the beginning of the song in, then restarting. I'll post the song tomorrow, as part of the 'What I've been Listening to" project.

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