Monday, August 22, 2011

The Nearly Fatal Baguette

My son is on a break between day camp and school, which starts on Wednesday, so I took the day off work. We had some errands to run and I took him to a park.

He likes the swings and specifically asked to go on them. He had to wait his turn at one point so he went up the slide, from the bottom to the top.

When we got home I went to make a sandwich using a baguette. I was not aware of a battle between me and the bread knife, but whatever was going on in its mind ended up with the knife going into my finger, very deep.

Patched it up, hoping for the best, and waited to change the dressing until the Manchester United/Tottenham match ended. After Man. U. kicked their butts I discovered the wound was still bleeding.

Made the decision to get to urgent care when my wife got home as I had the kid with me and was not going to risk bringing him to the doctor. No need to give him any stress, or to stress me out any further.

The Doctor removed the bandage, and the bleeding stopped. The wound closed up to a point where it would have been an effort for her to reopen it. There was not much she could do besides putting a couple of strips on it and giving me a tetanus shot.

That's the White Finger of Truth pointing at you all!

Going to be very hard not using it as a prop on Wednesday night.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of what happened when i stabbed my hand some time back. Glad, though, that all turned out well.

Someone Said said...

Think I'm going to survive this one. Thanks.