Sunday, August 28, 2011

First of the Month Project (September)

The hurricane caused some minor damage to my parents property and I think the wind gave them a bit to think about as well. But it looks like most of my friends and family are alright.

Leaving tomorrow for Scotland, which means this blog is most likely not going to be updated for a couple of weeks. I should have some limited access to email and internet, but I'll be elsewhere.

Before I go, let's continue with the First of the Month Project, aka What I've Been Listening To.

I do not like the lip synching, but I've always been charmed by this cover.

The Motels had a couple of hits in the eighties. Recently, what should have been their third album, Apocolypto, was released. It contained different mixes and track listing from what became their breakout record, All for One. I always like this song from the record. Never became a single. A shame. Good to hear Martha Davis is still rocking.

I liked Beirut's last record and their new one, The Rip Tide, is just as haunting and catchy.

Going to see him in October. Stoked!

I'm not a fan of The Fiery Furnaces, but I like this record by the female half of the duo.

This is the song my son's been listening to on the iPod.

Back in a couple. You call play nice.

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