Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sirius Nears

It's been too hot to play vinyl in the back room, let alone pick up an instrument. Been very busy with work, the daily back and forth to day camp and everything else.

The big trip is nearing and I'm wondering how many shoes to put in the suitcase. I know where my passport is. Better get a power converter with a USB input. Do I bring the laptop? When do I call the banks? When do we confirm the B&B or start wondering if we overscheduled or underscheduled this journey? I do want to see Kid Canaveral and look for an open mic in Glasgow, somewhere.

Writing comes slowly in the heat. The reliance of air conditioning makes me lazy. The pole beans are wilting in these temperatures. The EPL starts next week and I'm seeing my first Crew game in years. I try to keep cool with old Taggart and Doctor Who and am astonished that my son turns nine next month.

There are moments I think that there is time to fit it all in, mostly, there is no where near enough.

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