Friday, August 12, 2011

News from Cambridge

Been following updates on Twitter (thank you James Meranda) regarding one of tonight's semifinal bouts in the National Poetry Slam. Columbus' Writing Wrongs was competing with four other teams for a spot in the finals. Scores were tight and going into the final round WW was in second trailing by three tenths of a point.

WW was set to go last in the bout and needed a 26.2 to tie for first, which would have put them into the finals and Jason Braswell who nailed a 26.6 to win the bout. Man that room must have been electric. Congrats to Will, Rachel, Ethan and Jason for being the first team from Columbus to make the finals of the National Poetry Slam!

Finals are tomorrow night, and I'll be missing them because I'm going to the Crew game. As soon as I get home though the laptop gets fired up.

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