Monday, August 1, 2011

First of the Month Project

The political divide continues to grow in this country. It seems no opposing sides can look at a landscape and agree that it even is a landscape. How can you determine the forest, trees when you cannot even define what is being observed?

We have this thing, and it's really bad. Does it matter who caused it, and when anymore? Or is it time to look at right now and the future - maybe even do something about it instead of posturing and worrying about your ideology winning or maintaining political power during the next election cycle.

There's more than a bit of vitriol passed about on the Facebook and message boards. I'm trying to stay out of it this time, having some popcorn, snacks and a beverage.

May start doing something new here on the first day of every month. A little feature called 'What I've been Listening to." Not necessarily what is new, but what I've been listening to in the car, on the iTunes, on TuneInRadio. Some of these songs may make the year end list, some may not. I'll try and pick about 3-6 songs each month and see how it goes.

I am mixed about her last two records, but this song, off an EP she put out for her recent tour, is a real winner. I like the effort she made to go out of her comfort zone here, alot.

Post Clarence death here. This song's been on in the car quite a bit. It even inspired a poem. This is a great performance.

Found this one through a Scottish Music Blog The Vinyl Villain. Had no idea there was a version released before the hit. Liking this one.

First heard of her singing with Jeff Beck on the Grammys a couple of years ago. She just released Mayhem, and it's boss!

One of the joys of listening to radio 10 out of Amsterdam. This gem of a Dutch hit from 1973.

Still missing Paul Hester.

Alright, let's see if I can remember this for next month. Whoops I'll be out of the country. Will figure something out.

Finally, have to give a shout out to my archenemy Scott Woods, he's going to be talking about poetry slam, along with Simone Beaubien on the NPR show On Point this Wednesday at 11AM EDT.


L. said...

I love this post! Can't wait to see what's next.

Someone Said said...

Thank you for reading.