Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back in the shop

The laptop fan quit over the weekend. One local repair shop told me the fix would take two weeks, another said five days.

Two weeks? Really?

So I'm typing this out on the iPad, which is not as troublesome as I'd have thought. The keyboard is a decent size. The font is tiny though. Maybe by the end of the week, or early next, this first world problem will be solved.

The IDPF finally arrived in email yesterday. It is the death file of my great uncle, who was killed in WW2. It is a 35mb PDF file and I have not had much time to look at it. Need to transfer it from work on a flash drive or disc as it is too big to email. Plus. No laptop. At first glance there is nothing.too revealing other than my grandfather and his sister had a tough time getting his personal effects back. Seems the army sent them to an old address of his and they were returned, then lost. Looks like it took a couple of years to resolve that situation. I see a few letters from my grandfather asking for assistance. He was more polite than I would have been.


That gentleman's lady said...

Ah man if something happened to my laptop I would despair.

Here's to hoping yours returns soooo-ooooon

Someone Said said...

It may be back today, so the sadness will end soon!