Saturday, October 29, 2011

No Blue Jackets Rant

Working with ceiling tile in the kitchen today was a bad idea. Not as bad as the attempt I had with the toilet earlier this year though. There is a bad bracket that I cannot seem to fix right and cutting a piece of tile to fit in a spot was a small disaster.

Later, instead of raking, I tried mowing down the leaves. It started raining about a third of the way through. At least the load of laundry I did went well.

We went to dinner at one of the newer pizza places in town. It was ok. Not as great as some of the reviews. A bit over priced and not enough mozzarella in the pie. I like the cheese spread around, not in a quarter sized splotches on each slice.

In better news, the fan on the laptop has been replaced properly. Seems the old fan blades fell apart and while the new fan was being installed some of the pieces hid. After the laptop was reassembled the pieces moved and jammed up the new fan. Regardless, it's back now and in good working condition. The repair only took five days, should have been two and was still returned faster than the two weeks I was told by another local repair shop.


That gentleman's lady said...

Oh the stuff of life!

Too bad the pizza sucked :(

I love great pizza.

Someone Said said...

It did not suck, but it was not worth the price, or the hype.