Thursday, October 20, 2011

Medical terms and no pictures - for your protection

The 1990's were wasted in a series of bad job decisions, with bosses who were crazy, suicidal or dead. While the marriage failed, the wine was excellent. Alcohol was better than the music the decade provided.

Writing and reading has been slow going. Distractions come easy, and there is work being done.

Been trying to tone down the onychophagia again. Tried it five years ago and it lasted for many months. Since then, it's been hard. The compulsion is there, too easy when absorbed in a book.

Since returning from Scotland, I've been dealing with a raging case of tinea pedis. Painful, hard to stand up, functioning was difficult. All the walking in Glasgow, combined with the sweat and dampness formed some angry beasties down there. Nasty looking, then the toes swelled. Thought it was chilblains, the digits on my feet looked like Vienna sausages. That plumpness has thankfully gone down.


That gentleman's lady said...

Awww sorry to hear that.

Angry feet are no good. Scotland is nothing but good.

Hope you get better soon x

Someone Said said...

Feet caused the angry feet, not Scotland.

I can wiggle my toes with little discomfort. Getting back to normal, thanks.