Thursday, October 27, 2011

I oppressed that muffin

The Writers' Block Halloween show last night was another evening of mayhem and poetry. The was a nun, Rapunzel, Princess Leia, Nacho Libre (and steel chairs) a mad hot pirate and so much more.

The highlight for me was a pimp and a mime doing a duet to Shel Silverstein's 'Boa Constrictor'

A guy dressed like Garth from Wayne's World won the scream contest, but he was not in costume. The mime came in second.

There was the usual coy racism. Jake and my wife sparkled as hecklers. Somewhere in there was an inappropriate joke about Roger Ebert.

Maybe I will wear a costume next year.

Got the laptop back from the shop. When I brought it home I tested it. Same damn problem. Not pleased. Called the shop and questioned what kind of testing they did with the new fan. Even asked if they actually replaced it. We shall see if they make good on their work.


That gentleman's lady said...

Thats a very interesting title that conjures up all sorts of strange and ... stranger... mental images :)

Someone Said said...

Scott asked me where I was going. If I was going to oppress some more people since I own all the manhole covers. I simply went to the table where all the snacks were.

Anything else is your mental image :)