Monday, October 3, 2011

Slept through Celtic failure

What's exciting? Well, we bought a new dryer that gets delivered tomorrow. The motor died on on it last week. Thought about repairing it, but remembered the toilet tragedy. It's at least eight years old, and hiring a repairman would be cost close enough to buying a new one. So that's what we decided.

We headed up to the Bills Backers bar in Dublin to watch the Bills lose on a late field goal yesterday. Part one of Ken Burns' Prohibition started last night and runs through Tuesday.

But the dryer.

Fluffy towels again!


That gentleman's lady said...

Warm sheets too! I love me some toasty warm clean sheets :)

Someone Said said...

And socks!

As I told my wife, as we were discussion an outdoor clothes line, "I'm spoiled."