Thursday, October 6, 2011

I feel for you, you little horror

Last night was the fourth time I had seen Richard Thompson live, the first time without a band. Without the additional musicians you know the show is going to be different but Thompson is his own band out there. He often sounds as if there are two or three guitarists on stage.

Looking at the setlist shows the depth of his catalog. I knew about half of these songs. He did Persuasion, which is one of my favorites that I'd never seen him do before. Also The End of the Rainbow, one of the most intense and bleakest songs ever put to tape. There were some extremely dark songs in the set, which is part of the Thompson package.

Of course he did that motorcycle song. This picture is a 1949 Vincent Black Lightning, from the old Glasgow Museum of Transport

A great concert, and a more than solid performance. As always, he handles the crowd like the pro that he is. Had great seats high up in first row of the third balcony. Here's a snippet of one song.

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