Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More stuff at once

Took my son to the doctor for another follow up to his G.I. issues. He's over fifty pounds for the first time. They want to do an endoscopy on him, which makes sense. There could be something physical causing some of his eating issues.

When I got home the Varmint Guard truck was waiting, with a quote. There's a family of starlings living under the house where they should not be. We talked about the work that needed to be done, the work that would be done and I signed off on it.

When I got in the house my wife had some more news for me. The refrigerator was not keeping food cold and the motor was clicking. The start relay the likely cause. No way I was capable of finding it, let alone finding the part on a Monday night so I called the number of a repairman one of my wife's coworkers recommended highly. He was there within the hour.

He pulled out the relay and it sounded like a baby's rattle. Replaced the part and the appliance came back to life. He said if we'd waited any longer the compressor would have fried out, and that would have meant we needed a new appliance. So we saved some money while spending money. He's one of those repair guys that is cash only. So I had to make a quick ATM run while my wife found out the guy's life story.

Another doctor's appointment for my son on Thursday morning. Could be news about the in-patient feeding clinic. I hope she does not try to sell us more Duo-cal.

I'm flying east on Friday morning. Coming home on Monday afternoon and headed directly to an Arts Festival right from the airport.