Monday, May 27, 2013

Slots and flowers

We were invited to the casino on Saturday night to see the Stylistics. All I remember about them is that they had a lot of hits on WABC when I was a kid. Had to look up and see who was left from the original group. Turns out, the only guy who left was the guy who sang the high notes, yes, the important ones. We went anyway, with some trepidation, but optimism.

They came out with some smooth moves, which got a bit slower as the night went on. They sounded great, with the newer guy, who was in a version of the Delfonics, taking the high notes with ease. Loved the matching suits, and they did all of the hits to a very appreciative crowd.

Have to say the casino does have some great entertainment value, and if they continue to host the occasional interesting act we're going to go. I should not gamble though, dropped ten bucks about as fast as I sat at the shot machine. My wife though, she fared better by winning a few bucks.

Earlier in the day on Saturday we went to the OSU campus greenhouse to see the Corpse Flower.

The university had one that bloomed last year but me did not go. I was determined to get a whiff this year, when another one bloomed. We did not get there when it peaked and you could smell it 100 feet away, but from about four feet, it reeked. Bad.

Planned on mowing the lawn this morning, but rain thwarted that plan. Kid is on the couch watching Sponge Bob, wife's making pancakes.

Let me also add a thank you to everyone who has been following this little blog. May has been a record for the number of page views, and it's not even over yet!

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