Saturday, May 4, 2013

This city has secrets

My use of my turntable comes and goes with the warm weather and my motivation. The Back Room of the house is where I keep the stereo now days. In cleaning out the basement, my wife brought up all my records. We've cleaned out the space so it's becoming a pleasant little man cave for me. All the records on one one side of the room now, and alphabetized.

There are several fine records shops in this city. I rarely have the time to go to them but I enjoy going to Spoonful Records on Long Street. Brett's a fine owner who is very helpful in getting you what you're looking for, if it's not already there. When I'm in the campus area I like to hit Used Kids, which has a large selection of new and old in a larger, unorganized space.

There are a couple of others north of campus that I've been to, but have no real experience with as a buyer, so I can't really judge either way.

Today, thanks to a short sentence on the Columbus Underground message board, my interest was piqued. There was a sentence noting there was a record store on West Broad that was one of the best in the city.

I've lived in Columbus for 22 years and on the west side for a decade and no knowledge. So I did a little googling and vowed to stop in after completing a few errands this afternoon.

When I walked in, I saw this.

And on the other side of this wall of records was this.

There is more to this place. Much, much more. It's run by Al, a older, friendly, guy who knows his stock. It's said there are about 200,000 records here. And they're organized, but if you can't find it ask Al, he probably knows where it is.

While browsing, I muttered under my breath, "Where do you start?"

A woman crate digging said, "Pick a letter."

As good advice as any.

Now the catches.

It's only open on Saturday, from about 11-6.

There are no prices on the records, so I think it's based on the owner's whim and his reliance on a record pricing book. I bought Warren Zevon and Procol Harum records, I have to say the condition of the discs are excellent. He charged me ten bucks. He prefers cash. I'm not sure if haggling over prices will get you anywhere. I was not in there long enough to find out.

So. Where is it? Memory Lane Records is at 2338 West Broad Street, at Oakley. Happy hunting!

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