Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nothing is planned by the sea and sand

I'm writing this from a hotel room in Bohemia, New York. My parents felt bad that I was sleeping on the couch for two nights so they used some points and got me a room with a bed for the evening. Very nice of them, and my back and ankle told me not to refuse.

My mother has not been well, and has had a few setbacks, but it was good to see her. What she's going through is tough, and it's hard to see her unable to enjoy doing the things she likes to do. She is not one to sit in the house all day.

I got to borrow the car and head off to see some big water for a few hours. I went to East Islip beach first, and this trio greeted me.

Hurricane Sandy caused a lot of damage, and not all of it is repaired, not even close.

Living in Ohio, I miss the big water, and I'm only six minutes from the house to the Robert Moses Bridge. The park is still closed, you can't even cross the bridge to Fire Island without permission. Drove down Ocean Parkway to Jones Beach and saw some dunes being repaired, it's like they're putting down mulch but hopefully it will help when the next storm will come. Field Six at Jones Beach is open.

I was never much of a beach person, the sun and I do not get along but it is a tonic to feel the ocean breeze on your face while smelling the sea.

This morning we went to Heckscher State Park, where some of the beaches are still closed.

Ready to go home in the morning. Worried about my family's health problems. Have my own stuff in Columbus to worry about. Miss my wife and son. But realized you can finally buy wine and liquor on Sunday in this state.

Can't forget the Brown Bonnet!

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