Saturday, May 23, 2009

At least I'm sick now and not a week from now.

Could not get to sleep last night. Bad cold, but I'm feeling a bit better in the warmth of today.

Got some more planning done. Ran into someone I've never met but is one of my Facebook friends. That's always a cool thing.

Here's a library visitor from earlier in the month.

I wonder if it was one of those angry geese on the roof from a few weeks back?

Conversation from this morning.

She: I want to try some American breakfast cereals.

Me: Such as?

Her: Count Chocula.

So while shopping she perused the cereal aisle like a kid in a candy store and got some chocolate/peanut butter version of Cocoa Puffs. I wish her luck with that one.

In the meantime I've been climbed on by my son and bashed by a six year old wielding a Tootsie Pop.

Swimming went great. He circled the pool again, and when they were in the deep end (12 1/2 feet) he wandered off. No fear.

Her Father and Sister arrive tomorrow. The week escalates!


Laughingrat said...

Ooo, it's really hard to find Count Chocula these days actually. Maybe around Halloween?

Someone Said said...

Is it. I was not paying attention. She wants to try Froot Loops next.