Monday, May 4, 2009

Popping open a can in the spring

You know if you eat chocolate pudding and chase it down with some Throwback Mountain Dew, you get a flavor like a Jaffa Cake in your mouth.

This is good.

Now, you may be asking, what is Throwback Mountain Dew?

It's a limited edition product that is available through early June. It's made with natural (cane and beet) sugar and has fewer ingredients than the yucky high fructose corn syrup product that's been out there for years.

It's made the way God intended it. The aftertaste is a wonderful, lingering flavor of citrus and it's tastes less fizzy and chemical.

In short, it's great. Tastes the way it did when I was a kid. It's available in 12oz cans and 20oz plastic bottles, although I have not seen those yet.

For you cola drinkers there is also a Throwback Pepsi available. I've never been a Pepsi drinker, I'm a Coke guy. This stuff though, if it was offered year round, would convert me. It's that good. Even if it does not encourage other companies (Hey Coca-Cola!) to put out a retro sugar based drink, it's a cool gimmick

HFCS has really ruined the taste of soda in this country. Try Mexican Coke. Try some Jarritos. Go to Canada and drink their soda. It's better, and possibly better for you.


Link said...

I've had both, and as an avid Coke drinker, I have to admit the throwback Pepsi wasn't bad.

But I'm totally with you on the way it tasted when I was a kid. I was only missing the glass bottle and peanuts!

Someone Said said...

I liked them more than I thought, and the Dew is fantastic. Are others planning on doing this too?

Link said...

I haven't heard of anyone else and the people carrying these throwbacks seem to be a little limited. But apparently, they're selling well. I can only hope they get the idea and bring it back more full-time.

You know, I never saw passover coke!

sara k said...

Except you'll be getting pop in Canada.

(nammu here)