Monday, May 18, 2009

I took a little risk

I've only relocated a couple of times in my life. One was to college and the other was to Columbus. Once by choice, the other by necessity.

To move to another country completely is really hard, and she's very brave for doing this, especially moving in with the likes of me.

When she was in London, I asked her to find me the object on the right.

Went to Nancy's yesterday morning. Still not sure if they're staying open. I asked and was told they're closer than they were three weeks ago, They're trying, but I fear it's a tough battle.

Took her to get a library card in the afternoon. It was one of the things she was asking about when she was here last. Yay, now we can get five more movies!

Saw part of the Crew game but we had an appointment with our Officiant so we missed the Schelotto goal and the tying goal in extra time. Crew can't seem to hold a lead this year.

Touched base with the Officiant and got some good ideas, so that's on track. My biggest worries are tables and chairs, how to entertain her father and how to get RSVP's out of people who have not responded yet. Let's go people!

Back to work after a whirlwind weekend. It's all a whirlwind from here on out.


marybindc said...

When are you getting married?

Someone Said said...


bantling said...

How exciting! You two seem so happy. I'm really happy for you both.

Scott Woods said...

TEN more movies. The limit is ten. You can only reserve five, though.

Someone Said said...

So we can check out twenty movies for five days? Oh, wait. I can use my son's card and score thirty. That'll get us some knowledge and wisdom.