Friday, May 15, 2009

Who were you then who are you now?

A long stressful workweek ends and a new chapter in my life starts. She gets here tomorrow. For good. I'm having the last Irn-Bru because she's bringing a fresh batch with her. After that's gone, we're on our own. Or to Jungle Jim's.

I've been part of two broken marriages and really do not want to go for the triple crown of failure. Who is perfect here? Not me. Far from it. Often times I get the feeling I was not even liked in my few previous relationships, that my eccentricities were just tolerated for some mysterious reason.

At least I can laugh when a friend of mine says I don't have enough trick to be a sociopath.

Getting the house in better shape. Finding the dust bunnies, probably missed a few spots so I'm proofreading the floor and things. Might even change the locks.

Another message on the machine for L. Another bill collector. I wonder if it's one of the bank accounts she overdrew from then skipped out on. One of them she had to have a relative cosign for. She must have hidden that from him the way she hid a credit card debt and who knows what else from me.

Headed out to First Draft tonight. Looking forward to seeing some folks tonight. It's going to be a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

I was going to bring back some Irn Bru in September, but everyone warned me against it given the carbonation. She has no problems, huh?

I can't remember the password I created for this. It's Sara (nammu)

Someone Said said...

She's brought it back several times now and there's never been a problem. Put it a sealed plastic bag if you want to feel safe though.