Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bring it!

The visa is now in her hot little hands, waiting to be opened upon entry.

Went out and bought a proper mattress for my son tonight. He's been sleeping, when he sleeps, on a box spring with a pad on top. It's something I felt guilty about, not being able to provide him with a real bed. Now he has something else to bounce on at five in the morning.

It's game seven between the Penguins and Capitals tonight. What I've seen of this series has been spectacular. I have to admit to rooting for Washington, not because of Federov, but because of OSU alumni Dave Steckel.

I hear that Ovechkin kid is a good player too, there may be a future for him in the league.

I'll watch the game and clean between periods. Most of what I need to do is downstairs now, so I'll be able to at least hear the game.

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