Thursday, May 28, 2009

Greg Lake Has Nothing to Do with Me

Work finally ended yesterday and I went to the B&B to wait for Em' and her sister to come back from shopping. I sat on the porch and talked about cars with her father and we came very close to being witnesses to an accident. A car went to pass a stopped car and nearly got creamed by another as it was going through the intersection.

Went out with the Scottish Sisters for sushi. Got told a great story of how one of them met an old boyfriend. Drunk at college, liked the wavy colours of his jumper. Walked up to him. Poked the jumper. Walked away.

The Grand Slam was epic. Started with an open mic that had at least one major uncomfortable silence. One Truth gave a loose and entertaining feature then the slam. I'm not sure if it was just me, but the room was tense. We'd been waiting all night for it to start and we were all off on an adventure. Judging was brutal, but consistent in the first round. I read Another Divorce Poem, did it well and placed fifth out of eight. Vernell, Patrick and Wali were battling for the top three spots.

In round two I read After Birth, blew a couple of lines but presented it well so I moved up to fourth. Gina and I swapped places and Rachel was right behind me.

Had no clue what to do in round three. I did not want to play it safe, nor play for points so I went with my original game plan and did The Children of Dunblane as Teenagers.

Gina then read Obama's Desk, knocked it out of the room and finished in fourth and Rachel nailed her's and we tied for fifth.

It was a great night. All the poets put themselves out there, left it on the mic and it all finished as it should have in the end. The poets on the team all earned their spots. For me, it was a successful slam season. Earned my way into the slam with points and not by backing into it. Got into the third round and remained in the hunt for a place on the team until the end. No regrets.

Been flying all over the place today. Did you know Scottish girls like seeing chipmunks in the wild? Fact. Took them out to Blacklick and we had a fine time. Then had lunch and dessert at Jeni's. Approval all around.

Back to the airport to pick up one of Em's friends from Bristol. Tonight we went to the Franklin Park Conservatory where our friend Joanna organized a hen party for her. It was not awkward being the only Y chromosome in the group. I ended up wandering a bit, taking in the beautiful Palm House. A single guy should be able to do well on Thursday nights, when they have cocktails at the conservatory. Women are everywhere. Took lots of pictures, which I will eventually download.

Anyway, just wanted to say I was driving around three hot foreign chicks and their accents are hot.

I'm a lucky man.

So it's a table and tie hunt on Friday, back to the airport - then my parents get here.

Is something happening this weekend I should know about?

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