Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There was no blood

His teeth are starting to fall out. We've been monitoring it for a couple of weeks now. This morning he was even tugging at it himself. Finally, this morning, his mother yanked it out. He really did not react.

Not sure what the tooth fairy is going to bring him? More Tootsie Pops?

He also had his first dental appointment today. I was told he was very brave even though his mother wanted to cry when she saw how scared he looked. He really does not like having his mouth touched. But he did well during the cleaning, did not like the sound of the water/suction and really did not like getting the flouride cleaning. He did great though.

Still working on wows. Getting things together though. Weather is looking good.

Her father and sister are here and having fun. Her dad has never been to the U.S. and is very curious about traffic patterns, lane assignments and such. Have not taken them through any American roundabouts yet. Her sister is a bit more used to warmer climates, he's having a tough time adjusting.

Tomorrow night it's the Grand Slam. Eight poets are competing for four slots on the team that will represent Writer's Block at the National Poetry Slam. Yes, I'm in it. Yes you should be there.

Eight O'Clock at Kafe Kerouac.

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