Saturday, May 9, 2009

Soccer, wind and bouncing off the wall

Got up too early to find a feed for the Old Firm match. The crowd at Ibrox was loud as the home team came out ahead 1-0. They have a rock solid defense and the Celtic offense could not break through. I'd question why Strachan did not start McGready, but I doubt it would have made a difference.

Did not realize Everton was on FSC this morning so I got to see them draw for one half before taking my son swimming. That's how the game ended.

It's the Crew against the Wiz at home tonight. Will the canaries win their first game? In the wind?

The boy has a new obsession.

He comes into the back room and flicks the switch. He likes watching it move, for reasons that are only known to him. He does the same thing with the fan in the bedroom. He'll lie there with me and watch it for a long time. His mother tells me he will not go into her mother's bedroom, where she has one. I can only speculate why he he is not interested in going in there.

He also moved the chairs in the dining room to form a little tunnel, which he crawls though.

Really have to clean the house. I've also been told he's been doing this with chairs at school. His swimming is going great. He went the width of the pool and back, unaided, several times. He even kept his head above water most of the time. He also did not pitch too much of a fit when the lesson was over, unlike last week.

Still waiting on her visa. Got fed up with the vagueness and contacted my congresswoman. One of her aides sent a very polite letter of inquiry to the embassy on Friday afternoon. We'll see what happens come Monday. Could be an interesting week.

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