Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh it's May

I've been making lists, asking for lists, receiving lists.

It's Lisztomania!

The weather tonight has been miserable. Tornado sirens went off. Local weather people wet their pants in joy. They could use all their toys. Their dual titan doppler telestrater green screen radars, and still get it wrong!

Worked my way through another of the Ealing set. Last night it was The Maggie. Fun little film about a salty Scottish captain of a decrepit ship who cons his way into taking some cargo from a wealthy American businessman. It has a witty scene involving a pier, a ship, and some highland cows. I had never seen one until we got lost in Pollock Park.

Deftly directed by Alexander Mackendrick, it takes a few good shots at impaitient Americans, and contains some roots found in one of my favorite films, Local Hero. You know Bill Forsyth had to see that one for inspiration. They'd make a good double feature.

I was feeling sad, bored and did not want to go to bed so I ended up watching Rachel Getting Married. It is a very uneven film filled with some deliberate and some not deliberate uncomfortable moments. A lengthy monologue by Anne Hathaway at her sister's rehearsal dinner left me squirming at some very bad writing and the minutia of the wedding reception went on for about ten minutes too long. For the most part the acting was sound, with high marks to Bill Irwin and Debra Winger. Even Robyn Hitchcock has a cameo, so it's not all bad.

Also had my interview about Arts Fest. It went well I guess, tried to not sound too much like an idiot. Lots of nervous laughter. Not sure on the air date, but will let the two or three of you who read this know when I find out.

Now, to continue waiting, and to hope there's a window of dry weather so I can mow the lawn sometime tomorrow or Sunday.

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