Friday, July 1, 2011

Sign Up!

Busy with poetry slams, finding new pizza places, watching Eccelston Doctor Who and generally trying to find time to rest. It’s write up your evaluation at work time, too.

Today is July 1st, also known as Canada Day, or Dominion Day. I’m not sure what the correct term is any more. I’ll just call it Rock on Canada Day and go from there. Free agency starts in hockey at noon. The Blue Jackets are offering up small fortunes to anyone who will come and play here. It’s hard to find takers. The Buffalo Sabres are doing the same, and if they sign Brad Richards, there will be a lot of talk about them potentially winning the Stanley Cup.

I’m going to be getting updates via Twitter, which is pretty useful for this kind of day.

This could be a great season for hockey if the NFL and NBA seasons are delayed by the owners and players unable to reach an agreement on how to share hundreds of millions of dollars.

Also via John Buccigross’ Twitter; Jose Reyes in June-45 hits, 29 runs scored, seven triples and 11 SB's in 26 games. Only Ty Cobb has bettered that in 100 years. The guy is on fire this season. I guess being healthy while in your contract year can bring out the best in a player.

We’re less than two months from our trip to Scotland. Time to start developing some sort of itinerary. We do plan on going to Edinburgh for a night. But which one? Unless other gigs are booked, and they will be, a P.J. Harvey concert in Glasgow is looking like a possible entertainment option.

Been researching my Great Uncle’s WW2 record. Contacting the National Archives and have received some promising leads. Information will come to me, I just have to wait until they’re retrieved and sent. My Aunt has been trying also. The reunion for his division is happening in September. Problem is that it’s in Oklahoma City and she has no solid information that anyone left alive who will be attending knew him. If it were closer one of us would be doing this.

We’re not traveling this holiday weekend. Going to get out of the sprinkler and set up the sandbox. If you are on the move, have a safe one.


BrownSugar said...

I want to know what Sophia is whipping up in this picture. Any ideas?

Someone Said said...

Looks like a bit of pizza action is going down.

At least that's what I found when I searched for Sophia Loren Pizza.

Anonymous said...

Canada Day. Although I prefer your version.

- nammu