Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dysfunctional Furnishings

Over the course of living in my house for almost nine years, the neighbor to our west has been constant, the other house residents, to the east, has been transient, at best.

When we moved in, the house was owned by a guy who would travel to Kentucky, I think, rather frequently. He was rarely there, and the condition of his house showed that.

Then, his little shed in the backyard, trailer, or whatever he called it was robbed and he got all ticked off and sold the house. Of course people are going to steal from you if you’re not there, or leave your stuff unguarded for weeks at a time.

It sold very cheap, from what I saw on the county auditor’s site, and was empty for a few months. The new owner started on the process of fixing up the house. One of the people he hired showed me around the inside before it was done. The layout is more or less the same as our house.

The owner rented out the house to a series of people, most of them would only be there for a few months at a time. Many had dogs. I know that one of the renters chained their dogs in the basement and they left a horrible mess. Some would have some rather spirited conversation at odd hours. Others liked firing off weapons after midnight.

One group were probably involved in some commercial enterprise out of their home, resulting in their ‘friends’ borrowing some of their electronic furnishings while they were out after some of the merchandise was not delivered as planned.

Then there were the people who put an above ground pool in the yard, cut down a couple of small trees for no reason and left the cuttings by the trash bin in the alley. Never cleaned it up, refilled the pool about three or four times in a summer. I wonder who was paying the water bill?

The latest clan I swear they must have had about six couches in the house.

We have one couch and it barely fits in the living room. They left one couch sitting by the trash bin, it’s still there. They moved at least three out of the house, there’s one still in the backyard and there are pieces of a sectional by another neighbor’s bin.

What the hell did they need so many couches for and how many couches will the new tenants have?


Colin said...

Those couches are really beds in disguise, no?

Someone Said said...

A possibility. Years ago, my ex saw one of them sleeping on the couch with no pants on. Maybe the landlord does not allow beds?

Or they built bunk couches?

Colin said...

It's time: time to call in Scooby Doo.