Saturday, July 16, 2011

The New Next Thing

After a few tries I received an invite to Spotify, the new internet music streaming site that all the kids are into. Spotify has been very popular in Europe for the past couple of years and finally launched in the United States a couple of days ago.

My first impression is that it's very similar to your iTunes, but it's like looking at everyone's iTunes. At once. There is a huge amount of songs available, but not everything is. No Beatles or Led Zeppelin to name a couple. But you probably own or have access to those already, right?

Been putting together a playlist. Goofing around, and have been waiting a couple of minutes for an ad to end so the next song can play. Obviously there are limits for the free user, but if you pay you eliminate the advertising and have access to a few more features, like offline access. It is very easy to use. I do not mind the ads, but when they do not play, and there is silence that does not end (which is happening as I write this), it makes me go away from the cloud. Hopefully this glitch will go away.

Is it going to blow everyone's mind? Is it a cult like TurntableFM? Or is it another application that will get lost as so many new ways to listen to music are invented every hour it seems. This one I think has a shot to rise above the noise.

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