Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two Nights in a Row at the Ohio Theater

It had been a long time since I've seen Airplane, and last night The Summer Movie Series at the Ohio Theater was showing it, one night only.

It still holds up very funny. A silly film that the large crowd really enjoyed. So much love was given Leslie Nielsen when he first showed up on screen, and when he delivered the seminal line, the masses nearly gave him a standing ovation.

Worth missing Writers' Block for it.

Tonight we hung out downtown as well. Columbus Commons has a Thursday night music series.

Nick Tolford was playing. That man can sing! We hung out there for awhile and enjoyed a decent, reasonably priced beer. This scene can only grow in such a large space, it's good to see steps taken to get people downtown.

A few eating establishments were still open as well. Great to see spots not shutting down at five. We went to one of our favorite places.

After dinner it was time to head to the Ohio for tonight's feature.

Each year, when the series presents it's silent, members of the local Ford Motor Club bring out some of their vehicles. This year they brought more than usual.

We got our tickets early enough to snag some front row balcony seats, which are great to get the whole screen in while watching the organist play to the film.

Clark Wilson is always exceptional.

We got one of his shorts, Neighbors, before the feature. Despite a seriously racist scene (thank you 1920) it's a witty short with some fun stunt work.

Steamboat Bill Jr. is not one of my favorite of his films, I've always thought the pace was slow and the plot rather dull. But the hurricane sequence, in which objects break apart, dissolve and reform into other shapes and angles is rather amazing.

The determination in which he fights the wind, fights nature, makes my jaw drop, every time. Everyone mentions the danger of the house falling scene, but the wind, his fight against God, that makes it for me.

My Scottish Wife tried a new candy (to her) also. She gave the counter a once over and got some Necco Wafers. I tried to talk her out of them, "Dear, they taste like chalk." But she would have none of it.

She said one tasted like Fairy Liquid, which is dish soap. Another root beer, which she hates.

Not sure if she finished them or not but I do not think she'll be getting them again.

Downtown Columbus is not dead, if you think it is you're going to the wrong places.

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