Sunday, July 10, 2011

This One Time, I Saw 24 Hour Party People

Had a good time at a friends gathering last night. There were a number of Brits there and they were reminiscing about the Manchester music scene of the late 80's early 90's.

I did not listen to this band. I have been lent a copy of their first album, the legendary one.

Then there's The Inspiral Carpets, I'm sure I've heard them once or twice.

They were talking about a lot of bands I'd never heard of, nor was very impressed with when I did hear them. Then again, I do not think the nineties were a great decade for music, but what the hell do I know about anything? I did not follow any 'scenes' from Manchester, Seattle or even Columbus.

In the late eighties and early nineties, I was not stable. I was drinking too much, doing a few other things I should not have been doing. Not healthy. Certainly not paying too much attention to the music. Not paying much attention to anything, other than opening up a red or white. And what music did catch my ear, well, I remember a certain person in my life calling this band The Noisies.

In hindsight, she don't know shit.

There were more than a few lost years in there, 88-89, 95-97, I have no idea what I was listening to. Crowded House, Counting Crows. My ears did not open back up again with any attention until I heard Summerteeth.

Spent the next few years listening to some good and bad Americana. After that came Arcade Fire, and the the rest of the crazy decade.

When we head back to my wife's house in the olde country, we'll be going though her cd collection and bring a bunch of it back - what will fit in the suitcase next to the IRN-Bru, anyway. I'm sure some of it will be pretty good music, she has good taste, after all.


Colin said...

What I loved most about this post was the honest vagueness. And much, much else. If you come anywhere near Glasgow on your CD collection trip you must let me know!!

Someone Said said...

There are many gaps in my knowledge, to say the least!

We're staying with her dad in the Clydebank area so we'll be in Glasgow frequently.

We'll be in Edinburgh one night too, the night of the P.J. Harvey concert in Glasgow. So it goes.

We're wanting to see a gig in the city, but not much has been announced yet. Any good sites on listings for small clubs. We're there the first week of September.