Thursday, July 7, 2011

Four Years in the Making

Tonight was the grand opening of the Scioto Mile, a riverfront park in downtown Columbus. I barely remember how it was down there before. There was a lame fountain, now there is a very impressive work of art that is peaceful to watch. Kids of all ages were digging it. There's also a restaurant with a cool outside bar and impressive views. Free wi-fi too!

There is also a refurbished stage for performances, and the speakers go up the river so you can hear the show from a distance. There is going to be some great synergy between this park and Columbus Commons. The green spaces really compliment each other.

Once the Main Street bridge is finished next year it's going to make a cool area even cooler.

Columbus got this one right. Do not hate on this.


Aubrey said...

Whoa. That is seriously cool!

Someone Said said...

I'm very impressed. An actual reason to visit downtown. It needs a few more reasons, still, but the developers and planners got this one right.