Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh what the hell

What the Guide Dog Smelled

If it were possible to unsleep with you,
I’d give it careful consideration
To take back every forced smile, every coerced commiseration when your overwrought voice
told me another nut job cut you off in traffic
I want to put back thirteen years of every drink too many and turn them into cigar smoke, into poetry good or bad
Expensive alcohol was a waste, getting trashed a formality
Every hangover an unnecessary battle scar, a weapon of mass consumption too easily found
Once the humiliation was uncorked it became an unspoken disease
Untreated, and cured only by loss
All the cashiers who you said were stupid are filling up an arena, rising up from the past and calling you for what you were to them
For all the arguments you picked I’d turn into a mile of highway I should have traveled with you at my back
I wanted to run more but I was not capable of walking, let alone driving
The distance I put between us you put out there years too late
And when your own worst enemy is one person, alone in a bed
Regret is an energy best spent somewhere else
As much as I try though, memory will always remain
It’s impossible to kill something that ink never should have been put upon

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