Sunday, July 3, 2011

No Mean City

Got an early start today. The lawn was mowed before 10AM and I got my son's sandbox out of the shed and cleaned it off. After I set it up I realized it would be too hot out during the day for him.

The three of us went to Jeni's before grocery shopping. While we were eating she and I talked about how we must seem. We're eating our ice cream while he sits there. I offered, put some peach buttermilk on his lips. His reaction was if I threw battery acid on them. Poor guy is a tough nut to crack. It's hard. We want him to eat, express interest in some sort of food. Right now, it's not happening.

Later in the day he went out and played with the sandbox. He's towering over it now. I think he's grown about six inches in the past year. He ran his hands through the sand and watched it fly off his fingers when he shook it off. He filled the cup with sand and put it in the water, then put his hands in the mud, messing about with textures. He got himself pretty eight year old boy dirty in the process so he got a second shower today.

Later in the evening, the emergency broadcast came on about a flood warning in Perry County. He was in the back room at the time and heard it. He is terrified of the sound it makes. When I went to check on him he was quiet and still, unlike moments before. We sat in the chair until the alert was over. When he walked into the kitchen he peered around the corner, looking toward the television, to see for himself that all was clear.

Been watching Taggart, a detective show set in Glasgow. It ran for almost thirty years before being cancelled earlier this year. I'm enjoying the early episodes with Mark McManus as the star.

He was a surly man, grouchy and troubled off and on set, but it gave the show a lot of grit. A lot of location footage of Glasgow resulted in more than a few "Hey I was there!" moments. It's a bit gruesome, the last episode we watched had six murders, a shooting and a suicide. Sadly, McManus died in the mid-nineties and the show continued, writing his death within the show. I've seen at least one of the later episodes and was not impressed. Like many long running shows, there is a catch phrase.

Also been enjoying the first reboot of Doctor Who, the Christopher Eccelston season. I plan on getting the first season of David Tennant also. I think I came along in the midst of his fourth year, so I still have a bit of catching up to do.

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