Monday, July 11, 2011

Is it really a +

There is this blog you are reading, too much activity on Facebook, have all but abandoned Live Journal, used to have Friendster, Orkut, Google Buzz and deleted myspace. What do I need Google+ for?

I am on it. In three days all the people in my circles are on Facebook, except for one.

It's said that Facebook has become too noisy, and those who say that are correct. But the noise you create is your own. If you have a lot of active friends, you are going to have to scroll through a lot of posts.

I agree the filtering feature on Google+ is useful and easier to use that whatever configuration facebook allows this week. But if you transfer all those people that were on Facebook to Google+, aren't you going to have to wade though the same amount of posts?

Sure, again, you can filter, but if you have hundreds of people in your circles it's going to take the same amount of time to wade though the youtube posts, talk of meals just eaten and other minutia just to get through what you want to read. I can see Google+ being used by people to get it right after adding too many people on Facebook.

And when Google+ adds their version of Farmville, Mafia Wars and Groups, what is the real difference going to be? Will it be enough to abandon Facebook, or take up even more of your time online?

I'm not going to sit this one out, but hang out in the balcony, waiting for what is going to come along after Google+


BrownSugar said...

I played around with it for a day but just didn't see the point of starting over again with it. Maybe I didn't explore it fully enough to see the advantages

Someone Said said...

It does not seem to have many features, other than the circles. If people want to get rid of their so called privacy issues on Facebook, they'll be getting the same thing, at the same price, with Google+

Link said...

I had three or four requests and since I was already on Google, I went ahead and clicked on it. Had no idea what's going on really. We'll see.

But I like being the one who isn't on Facebook! LOL

Someone Said said...

Hey I put you in a circle Linc!