Sunday, July 24, 2011

We put some Fairy Dust on it

It was a somewhat productive day yesterday. I took advantage of my auction win and went into the studio with Sean FM.

I got slightly lost and confused trying to find his house, but as I doubled back he was waiting at his front door for me. He probably saw me about to pass out from heatstroke or something. It had been about two years since I had been in any type of studio. The last time was for a narration I did for a work project. This was the first time I was going in with my own stuff in many years.

Love the basement studio. The recording room is a room within a storeroom. I call it, The Quilted Womb.

In about two and a half hours, I banged out a baker’s dozen of my poems.

What can I say about Sean’s skills as a producer? At one point he said, “Let’s take a break.” He then played up some of the poem I was recording and pointed out a few difficulties in my delivery. Sean was telling me I was reading it wrong, in the nicest, most supportive way anyone has ever been.

More important, he was right.

He offered tips, advice, and cheered me on when I hit the mark. He is great to work with and I recommend him highly to any poet or artist looking for a producer.

He can be my George Martin or T-Bone Burnett anytime. He has to do some editing to turn me into a Wall of Sound and I'm looking forward to the finished work.

So? Once the editing is done and I have an audio project, how do I market this? Hell I do not even have a title for it!

In other news I noticed that another artist died this weekend. This man touched the lives of many of my friends. Rest in peace, David Blair.


Elaine said...

How do you market it? You announce it here and at readings? Put me on the list, please.

Also, that captcha says "slate." FWIW.

Someone Said said...

Seems there should be more than announcing it on a blog. I may have this product, how do I sell it? I do not want to go the whole branding route but there has to be more than having a CD or a link to download.

I control not the captcha!