Wednesday, April 27, 2011


To the Women in My Spam Folder

Congratulations Krystina Louann, I’m sending you the iPad 2 I just won.
Hey Bertha Hoyt, you get a special 1-2-3 greeting that only you and I understand.
We need a forklift, Carol Cuevas, will you look at the prices for us?
Tell me which one is the best value
Are you in pain Annalisa Elza? I can get us a deal on Vicodin better than the House discount
We will watch the hottest shows on television, Diana Goff, with our Dish Network.
Maybe even some of ‘those’ movies
For that film making project we are working on, Connie Diamond, once you get your college degree in two weeks or less! We will apply for a federal grant.
With you Sidney Randall, I will share my free Subway for a week coupons. Fine dining guaranteed.
I’m waving with you, Tracey Whitfield, as we say goodbye to joint pain
Hester Margarete, sexy shoes will be on your feet as we enjoy our Caribbean cruise
And you, a thirty six year old female from New Carey, Texas, who keeps looking for me on mylife
You had your chance.

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