Friday, April 22, 2011

Sports and Weddings

First up I am reading at the Columbus Arts Festival again this year. The reading is set for Saturday, June 4th at 2:20. You can see the whole Word is Art schedule here.

Thrilled that I'm not going first. Good mix of poets this year, the familiar and unfamiliar.

An early post for Saturday because I will be busy in the morning watching Everton play Manchester United.

Just watched the Sabres blow a three goal lead only to win in overtime against Philadelphia. Game six is in Buffalo on Sunday. I do not know if this Buffalo team can win a game seven on the road.

Also on Sunday is the Old Firm match. This one has some unfortunate drama as Celtic Manager Neil Lennon was targeted with a nail bomb. Luckily it was intercepted but it's yet another ugly incident for the rivalry to stomach.

Enough about sports.

Day 23 - A song you want played at your wedding.

My answer to that is which one?

At wedding one, there was no music. Maybe that's why it was a joyless marriage.

Wedding two had music, nice music. Some unexpected music. Alice Cooper and Annie's Song were played. It also had a hideous, excessive ice sculpture. More on this on day (checks sheet) 28.

Wedding three also had music. Nice music. Some unexpected music. The DJ called us to the dance floor, which was the lawn of the B&B. It was also something neither of us really wanted to do. We did not have a 'song'

But we gamely got out there and the song started, and we were confused because the song had nothing to do with us. It was also, really really long. Or it seemed that way.

We muddled through it.

I'm going to embed the original of the song, because I like it better than the cover. This is not a slam on the DJ either. He's awesome.

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