Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tumbling Further into the Abyss

My son has got his energy back. He's worn me out to the point of illness. I think the recent temperature changes have done that to me as well. It was thirty degrees warmer than today on Sunday. Which was when I got some yard work done, and went on the roof to make sure the gutters were secure.

Who knows when I got sick? Was coughing all day yesterday, dealing with insurance bureaucracy, a school meeting and a busy day at work.

Day 12 - A Song from a Band You Hate.

Hate is such a powerful word. Keeping with the no repeat rule, since the band I hate has plenty of songs I hate let me present you with some more musical filth.

I was part of a crowd that booed these wanker poseurs off the stage at Rich Stadium back in 1981. These sing songy twerps somehow got their way into one of the opening slots on the Rolling Stones "Tattoo You" tour. After George Thorogood donned a raincoat and blew the clouds away, these middle of the road hacks came on with their smiley waving feel good tunes that no one gave a crap about.

They left, still thinking they were loved, but did not finish their set.

Once again, because I like my readers (and there are more of you now, even if you do not comment) I will not embed the song. But if you click HERE you will see a foul site. Just looking at the lead singer's outfit is cause for a terms of service violation. You've been warned.


Colin said...

Ugh. Ugh. That really was quite distasteful, or total mingin' as we say in Glasgow.

Should really have a NSFW label on this.


Someone Said said...

If that does not get me reported, nothing will!

I've seen thirteen year old girls in that top for heaven's sake.