Monday, April 11, 2011

Out on my brain on the 5:15

Day 11 - a Song from your Favorite Band

Since I put my favorite song at day one, and vowed to not repeat any bands, I go to band two. I fell in love with this band the night of the junior prom, which I did not attend. I went with Frank to a long gone little strip mall movie theater in Bay Shore to see The Kids are Alright.

They had me at the first power chord. The first drum destruction. The first stationary bass player whose fingers moved like lightning. The first swing of the microphone cord. The first rock and roll scream.

It was this performance, not even their best, that put me over the edge.


marybindc said...

Roger Daltrey was on Top Gear on BBCAmerica last night. Lotta work done on that face methinks. And a *very* bad rug.

Someone Said said...

He is 67 and vanity's finally caught up with him. Shame about the hair.