Sunday, April 17, 2011

This one, is easy

Day 17 - A song that you hear often on the radio

Why I Am Ambivalent About a Certain Band

I am being followed
on my car radio
the engine comes on
if the station is in the middle of a song
the next one is that voice singing
if there is a commercial
there's that voice again, following it up
all the time
this has been going with that damn band for years

if i had a headboard in my bedroom,
I suspect that person would be hiding behind it
peering over me while i slept
why couldn't it be kate bush, beyonce or even lily allen
it has to be you
anthony kiedis of the red hot chili peppers
your band stalks me
on road trips
in bathroom stalls with PA systems
that track my every move
when i go to a concert
anthony kiedis, you are there as the pre show music
i hear you before i hear the band i paid to see

in my dreams that i forget you appear
shirtless, running at me in slow motion
looking like you wish you had pecs and abs like iggy pop
dressed in torn cutoff cargo pants
face painted in I do not know what
you shout at me in white boy rap
words that are not memorable
anthony kiedis, you have better teeth than I do
however the riffs you compose are flat, tuneless
yet you sell more records than i ever will
your guitar players die or go into rehab
but your band has survived for almost thirty years
longevity in today's disposable market is admirable
anthony kiedis i'll make you a deal
you get out of my head
stop following me around for a few weeks
i'll hum the song of your choice while driving my car
with the stereo switched off


BrownSugar said...

About the only memorable RHCP song for me is "Breaking the Girl". I'll crank it every time I hear it.

Someone Said said...

I have little toerace for anything they do, but they never go away!