Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Morning Wind

Grand slams usually bring out the best in a poet's performance and last night's WB slam was no exception. Seven poets brought their A game to the stage of Kafe Kerouac. Four of them would get on the National Poetry Slam team.

After three rounds that were were fast paced thanks to emcee Joanna Schroeder, Izetta Nicole, Scott Woods and Vernell Bristow finished 2-4 with J.G. the Jugganaut winning the slam outright.

It's a fine mix of veteran an rookie slammers that will represent Writers' Block and head to Boston in August.

I like this team and though they did the best in the slam I think Louise Robinson got robbed in judging in the second round, which knocked her out of the third. Such is the nature of slam though.

We arrived late, the room was already full and open mic had a waiting list. But the poets practically did haikus so many got to read, including me. I did a new one called "If You Can't Say it in Three Minutes, Don't Say it at All" and dedicated to the poets competing in the Grand Slam. It was very well received. Before I got back to my seat a woman asked me for a copy of the poem, I gave her the pages then and there. Rock star moment that, like I was throwing my drumsticks into the audience. That felt good.

IWPS is next, I'm getting ready.

Day 28 - A song that makes you feel guilty.

I forgot where we were when we came across the sheet music. But I found the music to what I guess she considered 'our song.'

Looking it over, I saw it had a few easy chords, more than three though, and that I could muddle my way through it. She wanted me to play it at our wedding, but I never practiced it much and it fell through the cracks like so many things did in our time together.

Doubt I would have had the confidence to play it in front of family and friends regardless, which is probably another excuse in a seven year series of excuses from the two of us. Maybe my playing would have melted the hideously over priced claddagh ice sculpture she wanted and got. Maybe I would have smashed it with my guitar.

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