Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Anger can be power if you know that you can use it

Trying to keep productive during this mini vacation. When the weather cooperated, some yard work was done. May have finally fixed the wiring in the turntable so both channels work right. My next quest is for some retro bookshelf speakers, to go with my retro Onkyo receiver, but I may have a lead on some old school Marantz.

That image just says quad to me.

Also got some writing done. My Scottish Wife was kind enough to let me go to Writing Wrongs last night. I do not get there much to read but I had a good time with writers known and unknown. The Chet was there, hope he does his poem tonight.

Happy Earth Day.

Day 20 - A song you listen to when you're angry.

When I'm angry I generally like the music loud and fast. Punk can work. The Clash are a better fit. I discovered them a bit late, at college between the time Sandinista and Combat Rock were released. I swear the record company sent a mystery 45 before the album was released, that did not identify the artist, but the song was Should I Stay or Should I go. I did get to see them live, at Rich Stadium, opening for The Who.

They were good, but too far away. I do not think their music and presence were stadium material, we'll never know if they could have realized that potential.

This song was a good one I used to play in the bar when I was pissed off, usually at my ex. I can't embed it, but you can hear it here. It's a great song. Play this song from the only band that matters really loud!

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