Saturday, April 2, 2011

Seeing the Tree

Dinner last night was our first time at a place that's a bit alternative and off the beaten path. It was probably the last time we'll set foot in there. Not that the food was bad, it was not. I think I liked what I had more than she, and the meals were completely vegetarian, for both of us. The service left a lot to be desired. I was not expecting a white table cloth, with teams of men in tuxedos de-crumbing the tables. However, the server, who may have been the owner, was not the friendliest sort and his casualness crossed the line to indifference. Sorry we went, sir, we will not bother you again.

Our movie experience was stellar. After wandering the new Wexner Center exhibit and it's chandelier of underwear, we went to see Poetry.

After we sat down I saw a few other poet friends enter the theater. They joined us and we had a small WB clan representing at the Wex.

The film is quite profound. A woman is raising her grandson and trying to make ends meet. He is implicated in the rape and eventual suicide of the classmate. She is taking a poetry class because her sister once told her she had a 'vein for poetry.' This woman is also going through the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease. The plot advances slowly but surely. The woman struggles to find her poetic voice as the rape victim's mother seeks compensation.

There are some wonderful scenes in the poetry class and one actor, who does some risque poetry, had a great impact.

The direction of Lee Chang-dong is top notch. He constructed a beautiful scene by using no dialogue, a river, a journal and rain. I have to highly praise the acting of Yoon Jeong-lee as the mother. In researching her life I see that she is an acclaimed Korean actress, and that this was her first role in sixteen years. She really took on the role of this woman, and you feel everything she experiences. See this film.

Day two of the April project now.

My least Favorite song.

Is this my most hated? A song that makes me want to break speakers? A song that makes me question the sanity of anyone who likes it? Hate is a strong word. Least favorite from my favorite band? Not in this case. And why post my least favorite song, it may cause me stress and discomfort. It may cause you stress and discomfort. It may cause my laptop stress and discomfort. Just searching for this song and embedding it gives it value. Why do I want to do that?

So here it is. I'm not going to mention it by name. Just by that song that sucks so much it makes when something actually suck seem like it shits gold.

Ha, the link cannot be embedded. You have to click here.

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